“The natural state of a true advisory firm is a privately held partnership controlled by professionals actively involved in the delivery of advice. Any other form of ownership creates a potential conflict of interest.”

-    David Massart, President & Founding Partner

Our Story

After spending four decades on Wall Street, two Midwestern visionaries with roots in North Dakota and Wisconsin envisioned a wealth management firm that was different; to embrace Wall Street’s innovation and talent, incorporate traditional and non-traditional investment strategies, pioneer a fee only structure, and collectively work with clients. They wanted to bring Wall Street to Main Street.

David Braaten and David Massart co-founded Next Generation Wealth Management and were joined by other professionals who share the same passions, work ethic, and values. We don’t sell products. We don't earn commissions. Instead, we focus our energy on helping clients realize their dreams through objectivity, and accountability.

Today, our commitment is stronger than ever. We are true caretakers. We spend hours building a personal relationship with each client, getting to know them, their families, their hopes, and their dreams. This allows us to think, act, and advise in terms of generations. Our sole objective is to help protect and grow their wealth. Because when they do well, so do we.

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