Our Approach

We recognize that no single strategy will adequately address each client's investment needs. As a result, we employ a process that merges client-specific preferences with core beliefs, such as diversification and adherence to a long-term perspective. Our analysis is customized, thorough, and the end goal is a personalized wealth strategy built on sound investment discipline and specific to your situation:

  • Focusing on after-tax returns;
  • Viewing portfolios on a risk-adjusted basis;
  • Being mindful of portfolio expenses;
  • Measuring long-term results while minimizing short-term volatility; and
  • Understanding protecting assets in down markets is as important as how much you make in up markets.

Next Generation Wealth may combine both passive and active investment strategies in client portfolios. Passive strategies seek to replicate the returns of a broad index, such as the S&P 500, while active strategies look to provide returns that exceed an index. We understand that active management might be more expensive than passive investments, however, they have historically delivered outperformance in inefficient markets.*

Our open architecture platform (products we do not create) allows us to recommend organizations with the most compelling investment strategies. Our clients are assured of objectivity in our approach, as we do not accept any type of commissions or hidden fees from third parties.

Simply put, we have the flexibility and freedom to offer independent thinking along with the skills to provide the execution on our recommendations.

*Source: Callan Associates presentation 'Historical Active Management Premiums by Asset Class and Style' - March 31, 2012


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