“…we don’t represent any institution.
We represent our clients.”

-David Massart, President & Founding Partner

"...we don't represent any institution. We represent our clients."

Wall Street

…but our
roots grow deep

100+ years combined experience:

14 years of Bear Markets
11 years of Recession

100+ years combined experience:

Experienced where it COUNTS.

Experienced where it COUNTS.


Why Us

Twenty years ago, founding partner, David A. Massart, reached an epiphany about his career, and concluded that working for large publicly-traded investment firms on Wall Street limited the range of services he could offer clients. He envisioned tailoring his Wall Street experience to suit a Midwestern clientele, and building a boutique wealth management firm that focused on client needs, while providing first-class service assisted by the latest technology has to offer. Next Generation Wealth Management is the realization of his vision.

Founded in 2005 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Next Generation Wealth Management established itself on the humble premise that advice should be consultative and not influenced by commissions. The firm has been committed to the fiduciary standard, a sophisticated investment platform, and a transparent fee structure from the beginning—a novel idea that still exists today.

Experienced Where It Counts
Our team of expert advisors have acquired more than 100 years of combined experience including over 14 years navigating successfully through three Bear markets, and over 11 years through recessions.
Personal Relationship
The firm’s culture of service demonstrates our deep interest and concern for our clients. We understand the real connection is with our team, not the institution. Clients are treated like family at NGW.
Trusted Fiduciary
We take pride in our firm's fiduciary status where we always put our client's best interests first, and offer a transparent fee structure from the beginning - a novel idea that still exists today.
We are a 100% employee-owned boutique firm providing resources of a large institution without the usual constraints. Being an independent firm allows us to keep costs low yet deliver institutional-quality solutions.
We take a 360º approach to ensuring our client data is secure by using technology and software that offers the latest in cybersecurity, and building extra security checks into our everyday workflow.
Locally Owned
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our team possesses a deep understanding of our Midwestern clientele, including the nuances of planning needs and cultural influences unique to the region.

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