“…we don’t represent any institution.
We represent our clients.”

-David Massart, President & Founding Partner

"...we don't represent any institution. We represent our clients."

Wall Street

…but our
roots grow deep

100+ years combined experience:

14 years of Bear Markets
11 years of Recession

100+ years combined experience:

Experienced where it COUNTS.

Experienced where it COUNTS.


Our Team

Since inception, Next Generation Wealth clients are clients of the whole firm, not of any individual associate. Though clients work most directly with a team member, they'll receive personal attention from all of us, including direct access to our President & Founding Partner.

We have brought together a team with the expertise and experience that our clients need and can trust. We deliver enthusiastic, intelligent, and thoughtful advice resulting in a personal financial plan tailored to each client. We pride ourselves on a “can do/will do” attitude.

We call upon one another’s particular expertise to ensure you are getting the best advice that we can deliver. Whether you are building a career and family, starting a business, or planning for retirement, we work with you on a one-on-one basis to develop an understanding of your unique goals, and a plan for achieving them.

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